exterior paintingExterior Painting

If the outside of your home or business is starting to lose its curb appeal then it's definitely time to call in Veeto Painting to give your property a facelift. We can assist with every aspect of painting the exterior of your property, from washing and preparing surfaces, all the way through to the actual painting itself, using environmentally-friendly painting products. Our technicians can complete a wide variety of exterior painting tasks.

Color ConsultationColor Consultation

The color scheme you use to decorate your home says a lot about you, so it's important from the very outset to choose a color scheme which suits not only your personality, but the property itself. We know how overwhelming it can be to select a handful of shades or tones from the thousands you'll find in any store. That's why we offer a color consultation - we make sure you choose the right color scheme for you.

CIMG0247Stucco Repair

As beautiful as your stucco looks right now it will eventually need repair work, especially if your home is exposed to extreme weather conditions. It's important that issues with your stucco are dealt with as soon as you detect them. That way your stucco will stay looking great for years to come. Veeto Painting can help restore your stucco to its former glory, regardless of the severity of the damage to it.  

powerwashingPower Washing

We know just how difficult it can be to keep up with a cleaning schedule for the interior of your home, so we understand why so many people never get around to pressure washing their decking, driveways, or fences. So, if you want to remove debris, mold, weeds and dead bugs from around your home then you'll need help from professionals. Veeto Painting offers a truly affordable pressure washing service.