Crown Molding & Baseboard Installation

When you need to add the finishing touches to any room you'll find that the areas you struggle most with are crown moldings and baseboard installation. We can design, fabricate and install crown moldings and baseboard that will enrich any room, doing all the hard work for you.

Replacement of Moldy / Rotten Wood

If your property has been subject to water or insect damage, it's essential to the structural integrity of your home to have any rotten or moldy wood replaced as quickly as possible. Veeto Painting is happy to provide this replacement service for our clients.

Minor Woodworking

Working with wood is a key part of what we do at Veeto Painting, so we're qualified and fully capable of undertaking minor woodworking projects for our clients. If extensive woodworking is required we can also cater to that with our team of external specialists.

Wood Staining

As popular as unfinished wood is, we still see huge demand from our clients for the richness that only multi-stage staining can provide. Those dull wooden surfaces, that have been bothering you for years, are brought back to life.

Drywall Repairs

Damage to your drywall can be caused by your kids, your pets, visitors, or just the normal wear and tear of passing years. Regardless of the cause, our advanced drywall repair techniques are invisible to the untrained eye.