InteriorĀ Painting

Having the interior of your home repainted is one of the quickest, and most cost-effective, ways to make your home look and feel almost like new. We help you with every stage of the process, including choosing colors.

Voc Free Painting

Because we only ever use high-quality paint products, we can assure you that none of them include any of the dangerous volatile organic compounds you're worried about. Our painting service, and supporting products is 100% green.

Faux Finish

This painting technique, also known as trompe l'oeil, allows you to add a level of depth and character to your home which would otherwise be impossible. Our skilled technicians can create faux finishes on your walls which are simply breathtaking.

Ceiling Texture & Acoustic Removal

Homes constructed in the 70s and 80s often have the double dilemma of a popcorn textured ceiling and the presence of asbestos. We take samples to test for the presence of this dangerous material, and then use special techniques for flawlessly removing the popcorn finish.

Lighting and Electrical

Changing the lighting in a room can change the whole look and feel of that living or working space. We can add recessed lighting to replace the antiquated lighting fixture currently in place, or install dimmers so you can customize the lighting a room gets.

Crown Molding & Baseboards

Baseboards are more prone to damage and wear than almost any other fixture in a room. We can restore your baseboards to their former glory. Any crown moldings in a room which require a makeover will benefit from the expert touch of the Veeto Painting team.